7.62X51 SB 75 headstamp

Hi All, got a huge stash of U 303 and South African 7.62X51 today. In between the 350+ cartridges were two boxes of SB 75 7.62X51 cartridges. This headstamp was discussed before but no answers were given. Thanks,


Santa Barbara

…in Spain.

Got that part thanks, are the just plain old ball? where can i find some more info please? I only speak English and Afrikaans so struggle on some web pages.


Yes, they are ball rounds. What else did you want to know?

Yes, Spain.

I had a large quantity of .50 BMG by Santa Barbara from tha nineties that I just finished shooting up. Same logo as the packaging in your photo along with the SB headstamp.

Thanks Jonnyc, why the green annulus?

Of course, http://municion.org/ has a special section of Spanish 7,62x 51. Yes, well… this kind of hobby justifies the learning of several languages.

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I don’t believe there’s any significance to the green seal, just a standard color that is very common on Spanish ball ammo.

Thanks guys

Different countries and manufacturers use different colours to specify different loads, so it is always something that you need to check. For example, a green primer annulus on British 303 service ammunition indicates armour piercing.

What year is your U stamped 303? Whilst it is most likely South African Mint in Pretoria (1938-1942 and 1945-1961) or in Kimberly (1941), Remington Arms in the U.S. used U as their code in 1915.

Hi Mayhem, the U stamped 303 is South African, my main focus at this point is South African manufactured 303 and 7,62X51. I only need U38, U47 and U55 to complete the U headstamp section of the date collection. It was actually the <> on a U <> 1942 case that got me started collecting. I live 100 km from Kimberley so it got the juices flowing…


The Kimberly factory added the diamond to their HS in 1942 and ceased production in 1945. After that, everything was done in Pretoria.

I only have a few South African rounds in my collection and only WWII years.


I can add that the “SB” initials does no identify the manufacturer as “Santa Bárbara”, because the latter was not a factory but a national company created with the purpose of re-organize the military industries under the National Institute of Industry (INI). The manufacturer was the “Fábrica Nacional de Palencia”, that in this generic box was indicated in a small seal (now gone). Same generic box was used by Toledo using their own seal (cartridges headstamped SB-T).

Also, the use of a green primer seal was adopted in the early 60’s to identify the use of a Tetrinox primer (lead styphnate).



Fede, is there anything you don’t know ?? You are an incredible resource to this Forum. Bill