7.62x51 sniper cartridges by MFS

Anybody out there with info on Hungarian 7.62x51 sniper cartridges made by MFS?


According to my lists MFS 2000 (now a part of RUAG Ammotec) makes three loadings (strictly speaking said to be in .308 Win rather than 7.62x51):

Ball: 9.7g @ 830 m/s
SP: 11.7g @780 m/s
FJP M: 11.7g @780 m/s

What the “FJP M” stands for I haven’t a clue…

Tony, thanks! The case I have seen was marked with “7.62x51”.

This is what made me wonder as RUAG is making it’s own .308/7.62x51 loads.

Here some little I have found now:

agria.hu/%28english%29/acrek … aly/8.html

The FPJ-M is “Full Profil Jacket Match” but the image shown on the site may be incorrect.

Wish we could see the hs of these civilian ones and wonder if they have a separate sniper line for LE/military.

I have details from 2007 on a “ML” sniper cartridge from the Hungarian Ministry of Defence Develoment and Logistics Agency. The website seems to have disappeared. PM me with e-mail address and I can provide a PDF copy.