7.62x51 ST doesn't look right for ROF, Steaton

Came across a fair number of these at the local gun range. The IAA table says ST is Royal Ordnance Factory (ROF), Steaton. But the font doesn’t look right, the case is boxer primed, and I would expect to see a NATO cross. Is this Chinese or Singaporean as mentioned for other caliber cartridges in the forum? Boxer didn’t seem correct for that, either.

Saltech in Switzerland, see:


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Unfortunately the table is incomplete and there are a number of manufacturer codes that are common to multiple entities. This is not a criticism of the IAA table (or those who compiled it), simply an observation.

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Brian: Must admit I hadn’t heard of Saltech, but the headstamp, bayonet crimp and green sealant are the same. Thank you!

Mayhem: Thank you for your insight into the table. Certainly no critique of the table or the compilers intended.


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Thanks, EOD. I didn’t expect a European manufacturer due to 1) the boxer prime and 2) my lack of knowledge on Saltech. That ammo which is boxer primed from Europe generally seems destined for the North American market; and I haven’t seen it advertised in my online shopping for ammo.

Ray, Boxer primed ammo in the past 20 years is very common in Europe and also for European customers. So this is no real feature to go by.

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