7.62x51 Starlight tracer LC 93


Brass case, copper or copper plated steel jacket, green over white tip, headstamp is “LC 93”. I do not know if the headstamp contains the NATO cross in it or not, as I am relaying second hand information and the pic I have seen is of the cartridge only, not the headstamp. This cartridge was also reportedly linked 1:10 with ball ammunition. The color code on the tip is that of the M-160 Frangible load, but the projectile material is wrong. The tip color also looks authentic, not “faked”. I’m thinking that this is one of the “Starlight” tracers maybe?



This is one of the ‘Starlight’ tracers - I think it’s correct designation is ‘7.62mm Dim Tracer M276’. That’s what mine’s called anyway!


It’s a starlight tracer. The example (+) LC 93 I have has GM jacket, brass case and primer. I also have similar marked cartridge with the hs (+) LC 70 but with a GMCS jacket. This definitely a tracer as I also have a sectioned round. I’ve heard somewhere that the color markings on this one were a marking error. I’d be interested to know if anyone can confirm or deny this.