7.62x51 Steel case tracer


Here is a steel cased 7.62x51 expermental Tracer H/S F A 6 7




What type of protective finish is on the case?




I think it is just the photo I took. I lost my lightning system when my Daughter moved into her house…sigh…but anyhoo the case looks just like [color wise] the Russian steel case rounds. I will try to get a better pic.



I have the same cartridge as Steve’s but with a 1966 headstamp. The strange thing is that mine has the NATO symbol but in 1967 it’s not used.



It’s just like Frankford Arsenal to do such things for no apparant reason. Or, I should say, for some reason that isn’t apparent to us. Most likely to differentiate between two cartridges that were somehow different. For example, the XM256 (Low Recoil) is normally found with the NATO symbol while the XM256E1 is not. Only a small difference in the bullet is what seperates them.

So, I’m not a Russian collector. What exactly does that mean? Varnished? Copper plated??



It’s a grey/green coloured lacquer finish rather similar to some of the 6mm SAW rounds. The two 7.62mm rounds are both by Frankford (66 & 67) and yet I’d describe one as being ‘green’ and the other ‘grey’.
The two 5.56mm steel cased rounds are both Lake City.



Thanks for that. Now I know.

How come you chaps over there get all the good US cartridges??? ;)

Do you have a guess as to the difference between the NATO and non-NATO ?




You mentioned 7.62 low recoil rounds. How many differnt h/s’s exist? I have one with out the NATO meatball.




XM256 was the first. 82 grain hollow base bullet. HS FA 66 +.

XM256E1 90 grain flat base bullet. HS FA 66.

So yours is the XM256E1.

There are also some aluminum cased cartridges, and a tracer but Dave S would have to tell you what the HS is on those. I believe the tracer was made in very limited numbers and does not have the NATO mark, just FA 66.



Headstamps (may be more?) for low recoil ball rounds with aluminum cases are
(+) FA 66, FA 66 MATCH, and FA

Note - various case finishes are known

The XM268 low recoil tracer has a red over white bullet tip and the headstamp is F A 6 6. My information is that these are very scarce!!

Dave S