7.62x51 Surplus German Ammo "black spot"

One of our local surplus ammo suppliers Ammo Zone ( ammo-zone.co.uk )
is listing some surplus German 7.62x51 describing it as black spot.

I was wondering what the meaning was of black spot. As we are probably going to buy a few thousand rounds I thought I would check this before we do.

The prices are a joke compared to even a year ago but by today’s prices it is competitive providing there is a reasonable standard of quality. Its not going to be used for match shooting, just training. Being German I have some faith that it will be OK. Its 2003 so its not too old.

I took a look at the website and noticed that the Radway Green 9x19mm ammo was also described as “black spot” and the picture shows a cardboard box with a “black spot” on it.

If I’m not mistaken, the “black spot” is the standard NATO symbol for “ball” (Full Metal Jacket) projectile ammunition. My guess is that the 7.62x51mm ammo you wish to buy will come in a box with that same NATO “black spot” ball ammo symbol on it.

I agree with Leon. I am sure he is taking that designation from the black circle symbol for ball ammunition from the packaging.

I sure would like to see the headstamp of that RG and Hungarian 9 x 19 mm ammunition he shows. I’ll bet Lew Curtis would too!!! I have never seen a hundred round British pack before, and the mention of the primer on the packaging is not normal for British packaging I have seen either. I have seen no dated Matrafem Hungarian 9mm Para from the 21st Century up until now.

Too bad this stuff is in England. His 9mm prices are not impossible!

John Moss

I saw this in its original packaging at Bisley yesterday, and as Leon says, I believe this to be simply the NATO code symbol for normal Ball ammunition.

The British habit of changing the colour of the “ball” to indicate higher quality ammunition, as in RG “Green Spot”, is just a modern day version of the old .303 labeling code of “Green Label” and “Red Label” for tighter tolerance rounds.

I do not believe the German ammo is anything other that normal ball ammo.


John, I have a similar RG box dated 2001 but in says “BALL” instead of “FMJ CLEANPRIMER” and the headstamp is RORG (NATO) L16A1 9mm.

I sure would like to see the hst on the ones in the 1999 box!




It looks like the “Patrone, 7,62mmx51, Weichkern DM111 or DM111A1” The bullet base is closed and the primer “Schadstoff reduziert”. Ammo of this type was only made by the German manufacturers “DAG” and “MEN”.

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Thanks for that everybody.