7.62x51 Tracer round with wax coloured tip, need info

I posted these pics and details of this round in another topic but didn’t get much of a response so I thought I would post it as a separate topic. Hopefully someone will know more about this rather unusual round.

This seems to be a Tracer round, what is unusual is the use of a [color=red]RED[/color] wax-like substance on the tip.

This isn’t an isolated example as " craigt " also has an example in his collection. Anyone able to shed some light on this round?

Headstamp: + RA 59
Weight: 373.0gr
o/length: 2.7845 in. (70.73mm)
Primer crimp: Ring
PA colour: Brown?
Tip colour: Red (wax?)
Tip colour length: 0.3935 in. (10mm)
Notes: Extra jacket cannelure

Yep, I have one the same except with a RA 58 + h/s. I got mine in the US.
The double cannelure is strange, and the wax could be a pale orange/brown,
its difficult to tell because its over the top of a GM projectile

I have never considered them any more than target markers. I have three .308’s headstamped “Nato” FA 58’s, three different wax colors, one is orange and one is a brown color (longer wax than your photo, 3/4 of bullet is covered), and a red wax seems identical to your photo, all three have the double bullet cannulures…other “markers” in .308… I have a brown wax tip (same length as yours)…but H/S Nato LC 83. I have a typical heavy painted Nato FC 60 where the paint was slathered likely while in a linked belt as two sides are covered…and the linked edges are not (heavy red paint full length of bullet)…lastly in that drawer section…the typical WRA 59 green tip duplex, but with remanants of upper 1/2 the bullet covered in heavy orange paint…all are in my inventory as “target” (or sleeve) markers.

Sorry do not know the significance of the double cannulures