7,62x51 with depleted uraniu

Hi all

I need some help in order to better clacify a new unit and how to handale it (in case it is needed particular storege and handeling).

It is a 7,62x51 with a depleted uraniu bulet.
subefotos.com/ver/?6f9287f47fa0f … a22b3o.jpg

Any advice or comments? Can I get it in my collection at home?


Firstly, ascertain whether it is a REAL DU Projectile…go to a High school or College Physics Lab, and borrow their Geiger Counter…DU still emits Alpha Particles etc. If it is RA (Radioactive), then Place the entire cartridge inside a Lead Tube, with Lead end-caps (you may have to get a Plumber to make it up for you (a very OLD plumber, who has the necessary Lead working skills --Nobody uses Lead in Plumbing these days.).

Label it with a Diamond-shaped Radioactive sticker. Place in a Locked cabinet or safe, away from curious Eyes, and Hands.

DU is what is left in Reactor Rods when they no longer have viable U-238 and U-235 for reaction (Fission) Purposes. The Atoms have broken down into RA Isotopes of Lead and other Metals, which still emit particles for quite a long time…also, the remaining Uranium atoms keep breaking down slowly, though not with the rapidity of a controlled chain reaction as in a Reactor Core. This breakdown will emit Alpha Particles and Gamma rays, the Former of low Penetrance (will fog Photo Film) but the Latter is quite dangerous (will affect your DNA).

Also, check the Local Laws and Federal Law on the detention of RA products…it may be illegal to hold. Your House Insurance may be invalidated, as well.

Better to be safe than sorry…the RA discharge check is to make sure it is not a FAKE.

Doc AV

I have being looking for information on the D.U material and if it is dangerous or not to get one of this cartridge sample in my collection.

The radiation level of this D.U. volumen is such small that the Geiger Counter will not detect any sign of radiation. Besides, the plastic sabot that encapsulates the D.U helps to avoid any migration. Very small radiation can be shield by any material.

For reference, the pocket watches from the 20’s that used Radius has radiation lavels between 4 and 5 oders more than the D.U.

To summarize, in this topic everyone needs to define whether you can have it in your collection or not. In my opinion and after investigation and a phone call that I did to a scientist expert in radiation, this unit will stay in my collection with the only extra protection of a glass cylinder.

I hope this can help