I have a 7.62x51 ball round h/s L C 80 SP Why no NATO meatball?

Because it is a match round and not NATO specification, I believe.


John is correct about the reason for the non NATO mark and mostly correct about the Match part. LC 80 SP is an experimental (XM852) that tested several commercial bullets, leading to the adoption of the M852 Match cartridge, and replacing the M118. Adopted in 1981, the M852 used the Sierra 168 grain HPBT. It was subsequently replaced by the current Match standard, the M118LR loaded with the 175 grain SMK.

Confusing? You bet it is.

Does your case have a knurled ring about 1/2 inch above the base? I’m not sure what bullet yours would hold. Without the box you’d probably have to pull it to tell.

A good cartridge, and very collectible especially to someone who collects Competition cartridges (hint, hint).


Thanks John and Ray.


Yes it does have the knurled ring above the base. Also I did not notice that it has a small hollow point match type bullet. I don’t know how that one got by me!

Are you suggesting a possible trade Ray?


There are 4 bullet types associated with the LC 80 SP headstamp. Three are open point match bullets made by Sierra (#2200), Hornady (#3050) and Nosler (#28473). Without an accompanying box it is virtually impossible to tell these bullets apart. The forth bullet is the D46 made by Lapua. This has a full jacket and so is easy to identify. Beware of reloaded cases though!!

Dave S