I don’t have the cartridges so I can’t post a picture, a friend has two 7.62x46 one is a plain ball and the other has a silver tip both dated FA 46. The primers on both have a oval shaped o on the primer, does anyone know the significance of this.



If they are headstamped FA 46 they will be the T65 case and are nominally 47mm in length. The primer is a Remington. The “0” supposedly signifies primers that were intended to be sold as a component to handloaders. In 1946, FA was still in the process of evaluating different components, the primer being but one.



Thank You, and yes they are 47mm in length I forgot to mention that.



BTW, unusual to find the T65 case loaded with an API bullet. If you manage to get a photo of them, please post it.



T65 (47mm case and all headstamped F A 46) API and two tracers (both of which I believe to be original loadings). A 51mm case is shown on the left for reference.




I was curious to see if Carolyn’s API was loaded with one of the Cal .30 bullets, much like the Tracer rounds. Odd that they apparantly made API bullets with a crimp groove specifically for the 47mm case. Although, they did have Ball bullets by then so maybe it’s not that unusual.