7,62x51mm Argentine colour code

This information was extracted from and article by Martin J. Batistessa, published on AACAM Boletin 13 (March 1971)

Perforante (armour piercing) red tipped with red on the primer.
Trazante-Luminosa (tracer) blue tipped with blue on the primer.
Sobrecarga o Tormenot (proof load) brown tipped with green on the primer.

Thank you. any other information you can provide will be great. Martin B. was a good friend and extremely knowledgeable on ammunition. He left us way too soon.

This information, though, since dated 1971, should be valid for both of the 7.62 NATO rounds mentioned in the original thread on the Brown-tipped 7.62 rounds. I am trying to follow it up independently, since it is odd that two different collectors were told that it was a marking for “Special Match” cartridges. So far, I have had no reply. My own material from FM “FLB” regreatably doesn’t show information for rounds not issued to the regular soldier.