7.62x51mm By Armscor (New) Box Available In The U.S


Armscor USA 7.62x51mm M80 Ammo 147 Grain Full Metal Jacket


Headstamp not known.


These appear to be modestly/lightly loaded, or the muzzle velocity data (2,665 fps) is given for a short barrel (unlikely - as manufactures tend to use longer than normal barrels for best possible values).

US Military M80 ball spec is 2,800~2,820 fps (at 48’) from a 22" barrel (FM 23-8, TM 9-1005-298-12, et. al.).

I think 48’ is a typo, the standard distance is 78’ (feet) or 23.8 m.

Thanks - I think you’re correct. Sure is an odd distance… must be some ancient historical context to it. I could see 30 feet (10 yards) or 10 meters… but 78 feet!!!

Its the middle of two screens 150 ft apart. But the first screen is 3 feet from the muzzle to avoid interference from muzzle blast. This moves the midpoint from 75 feet to78 feet.
The time of flight from 3’ to 153’ is measured, for example 0.05357 s. Dividing 150 feet by 0.5357 s gives 2800 fps, which is taken as the velocity at midpoint.

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I love learning new stuff!! Thanks!!