7.62x51mm D.U.D.S

What is known about the 7.61x51mm APDS cartridge with Depleted Uranium core known as the D.U.D.S.? I know that specimens have a black sabot and the headstamp of “L C 7 0”, but that is about it. XM-??? Any other variations? Legal to posess in the USA? Successful but too expensive to manufacture?

On a related topic, was DU ever used in any other SAA experimentally or otherwise? The only other DU cored cartridge I can think of is the 30mm API used in the GAU-8.


An experimental .50 BMG DUDS cartridge exists. Ron Fuchs’ .50 BMG CD shows a headstamp of “L C 6 8” for this round, and he states that they were made in 1970-71 by TRW.

They aren’t small arms ammo of course, but I believe that DU penetrators were used in the 25x137 PGU/20 API and M919 APFSDS-T rounds, as well as older 20x203 Phalanx rounds. I think some of the 20mm Davey Crockett spotter rounds also used DU.

A couple of the 7.62x51 DUDS rounds were auctioned at SLICS in 2006 so presumably they are legal in the US, at least at the federal level.

As far as I know there was 1 production run of the 7,62x51 DUDS by Pacific Technica, 20 cartridges in brown cardboxes.
Indeed there is just one headstamp known: LC 70.

Some pictures of the 7,62x51 DUDS cartridges.

the cartridge

a drawing and box

the 3 parts of the projectile

projectile in flight at 6 feet from the barrel

pyro effects when penetrating a .5 inch RHA armourplate, plate in a 45 degree angle, projectileflight from left to right.

I measured the radiation with a gammamonitor: 200 counts per minute, distance 5 cm. (background 2 cpm), so it emits gammaradiation.

An ammunition specialist carries a 105mm armor-piercing round to be used in an M-1 Abrams main battle tank during Operation Desert Shield in 1991. The object on the nose of the round is a sabot, a cover that protects and stabilizes the round’s needle-like depleted uranium penetrator, then falls away as the projectile leaves the gun barrel. DoD Photo

The object on the nose of the projectile is a styrofoam protective cover used to protect the very sharp tip of the penetrator from damage (and to the person handling it!) while handling the rounds during up-loading to the vehicle. They are not attached when fired. I was around more than a few of these very rounds during DS/DS.

Any other DU cored cartridges below .50 cal besided the DUDS?


The DUDS can also be found (if you’re very lucky) in .30-06. As far as I know there are only two round in existence. Both have the typical black plastic sabot. Both were loaded on commercial cases headstamped WW-SUPER 30-06 SPRG. Feldmann, who was Technical Director and President of Pacific Technica Corp (“PATEC”), held one patent on the saboted AP rounds though his patent doesn’t mention DU (3,905,299). Irwin Barr of AAI holds another which does mention DU (4,015,528).

So the DUDS was not a product of Lake City and there is no XM number to go with it?