7.62x51mm ID please

Purple tipped round in the picture. No headstamp info yet, but I suspect US manufacture. The belt might be loaded in a ratio of one purple tip round to 9 ball rounds. Perhaps this is a dim ignition or starlight tracer linked in this ratio for use in a M-134 “Minigun”?


Since you can only see four rounds on either side of the purple-tipped one, I would not rule out that they are linked “one out of every five.”

It does look that way John, but I have another picture that I did not post because of it’s poor quality that shows more than four ball cartridges on either side of the purple tipped one. The original owner who is trying to ID these cartridges says he is pretty sure they are linked 1:9. I’m awaiting his return home to get the actual headstamp info.


Headstamp indicates manufacture at Lake City in 1995. Linked 1:9.

Any ideas?


It is an M276 dim tracer for use with night vision devices. I believe the 1:9 linking ratio is intended for miniguns.

Sorry again for being not 100% on the subject but this one here rocks every time I see it:


[quote=“EOD”]Sorry again for being not 100% on the subject but this one here rocks every time I see it:

I have watched that one alot before, the way the tracer projectiles ricochet is pretty impressive.

I thought that this round had a green and white or pink and white tip? Maybe this was just the markings on the experimental versions? I looked at the ATK website and they are definately using a violet tip now to ID this cartridge.

This is the same thing as a “Starlight” tracer, right?


The earlier experimental versions of this round had several tip color variations. The XM276 tip colors I am aware of are pink, white over pink, green over pink, and green over white. The green over white was a marking error from what I recall - it was supposed to be green over pink. The ones I have seen with these tip colors have been from FA and LC with late 60s headstamps. Sorry I can’t be more specific on that - I don’t have my references handy right now.

I have also seen a green over white tipped round with an LC 92 headstamp that was listed as a dim tracer. I think I will ask about that in a new thread, since I’ve been wondering why the color coding error would be repeated 20 years later.

I’m not sure if it was ever an official designation, but I’ve heard people refer to these rounds as starlight tracers as well as dim tracers.

I hope this helps!