7.62x51mm NHS Blank or Grenade


Looking to ID who made this 7.62x51mm with no headstamp and if it is a blank or a grenade cartridge.

The box I found it in is of no help. It was marked “White Owl, 20 Premium Cigars”…





It’s definitely not a cigar!

With no “military” characteristics to it (other than the mouth crimp), could it be a 308W rather than a 7.62MM? The base looks just like all of the Winchester unheadstamped prototype cartridges that I have, except that the Winchesters usually have a nickeled primer.

Other than that I’m no help at all. But, good luck.



Thanks, Ray.

Kind of figured it might be other than U.S. and likely common being that I have one…Hadn’t thought of it as a .308. Junk box finds can be interesting!



I don’t know why, but I look at that and it says “Spain” to me. If you have the Orea-Molina(?) book it might be worth a look.


It seems spanish to me too. The absence of primer lacquer would indicate a Cetme case. The Cetme case was thinner (9,7 g) than the Nato one (12 g).

This round could be a grenade launching blank made for an export contract of rifle grenades. Each individual grenade case had a launching cartridge attached to its cap.

I have checked with Molina-Orea’s book and haven’t found it.


Thanks Jon and schneider for the input.

Spanish origin seems to be a good bet. Found in Datig Vol. 3, pg. 89 a very similar (if not the same) cartridge indicated to be a blank and made by Palencia but with headstamp. The one referenced there is from 1960 and pre-dates a full necked extended case version and per the text were experimentals for the “C.E.T.M.E. chambered weapons”.