7.62x51mm Red Tip Blue Band

Can anyone tell me something about this cartridge?

Headstamp: “CG” “96”

This is a tracer subcaliber round for the 84mm Carl Gustaf AT launcher.

Subcaliber systems for the 84mm are ranging from 6.5x55 over 7.62x51 and 9x19 up to 20x145.



on municion.org ,it noticed it here a smoke tracer ?
but wrong ?

Smoke tracer would mean WP. For me this is highly unlikely.

Just tracer. Cartridge designation is “7,62 mm øvelseslyssporpatron M/85”.

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so this large blue band on the bullet is for easy identification as subcaliber round ?

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I would assume “practice” + it being a very weak load. Noone shall confuse these with full power loads and put them into a normal gun where the projectile may lodge in the barrel and the following projectile will ruin the gun or even harm the shooter.

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What does the 20x145 look like and what is is normally used with/in, and what type of adapter [?] is used on the M4 [U.S. Army M3E1]?

Looking up the basic specs, the M4 sems like a fabulous weapon, with immense capabilities.
The only first hand experience I had was seeing a live fire demo with the ‘relatively new’ M2, and that was pretty impressive.

This here is the late variant. The early one had a weird looking projectile but I have no photos of these.
The cases are plastic and do not contain a primer. The primer is inserted into the adapter round (which is side primed because of teh recoilless design).
There exists also a blank which then simply has no projectile mounted and is closed on top, basically it is only a plastic container filled with propellant.

I am not informed which of the systems the US are using but assume it is the 9x19 variant.

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So, this pictured 7.62 round is made for Denmark specifically?

Deviates from typical Swedish and Norwegian 7.62x51 rds with white/red tip bullet and half black case head to indicate trajectory matched tracer.