7.62x51mm with an odd looking bullet

I have been shown this 7.62x51mm with an odd looking bullet. The case is headstamped HE 7.62 with a flat brass primer with a ring crimp and green annulus seal. I show a typical military 7.62mm cartridge alongside for comparison. This one also has a flat brass primer with a ring crimp and green annulus seal but a headstamp of GF 7.62 (GF=1976 I believe).

On the suspect cartridge the forward part of the bullet ogive appears to have some file marks as if it had a longer, sharper, tip which was cut back to fit the normal O.A.L. Both rounds are completely non-magnetic. The bullet crimp on the suspect load is smooth, not segmented like the military one.

Any ideas out there?


Dave, it looks like a remanufactured cartridge loaded with a 155 gr Complete Metal Jacket bullet made by Frontier Metal Processing (Pty) Ltd. in South Africa. In case you have more than one example you may want to pull the bullet and check if the base is fully enclosed. The case was made in 1985 by CIS of Singapore.

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