7.62x54 2011 "L" ball head stamp

The DOD is destroying TONS of these cartridges state side with the slow down in foreign weapons training. The head stamp is : 7.62x54 @ 12 O:clock, SADU @ 7 O:clock, and 11 at 5 O:clock. The head stamp is raised. The interesting thing is the projectile is the early “L” ball, not an LPS. Bullet jacket is GMCS. Shame to see this all destroyed. JH

Why don’t they sell it as surplus and use the money for…I don’t know…doing good stuff for us citizens who actually paid for it???

Jon - I would answer that, but IAA would probably throw me off the forum if I did.

Do the projectiles on those have a steel core? If so, the destruction of them might be due to:

U.S. CODE: TITLE 10 > Subtitle B > PART IV > CHAPTER 443 > § 4688
"Armor-piercing ammunition and components: condition on disposal"

It was enacted in Oct 2000, and it was my understanding that this law led to surplus .50BMG components in AP, API, APIT, etc… as well as any other “armor piercing” ammunition component that was owned by the government becoming restricted for simple surplussing or resale. This was supposedly why the .30 cal projos in AP became more scarce?

These are lead core and barely 3 years old!

As the US are supplying the Iraqi and Afghan govt. with ammo it is surprising to see that these cartridges where not shipped there.

Maybe this is a malicious lot?

I don’t know if this is coincidence or not, but this is the same Sadu 148 gr FMJ lead core ammunition recently imported by Century Arms under the Red Army Standard brand that suddenly disappeared from the market. It was made available on June 2013 but it was found to be very corrosive and recalled on August 13, 2013. Today, it seems that this is not offered for sale anywhere.

Gee I hope the guy down the road who makes those funny colored bullets saves one of these for his really, really good friend the cartridge collector.

Fede, I know one lot of their blanks in 7.62x54R that had shown up in various locations was over pressure and if being used in automatic weapons BFDs had to be drilled to larger vent diameters.

Maybe they have quality issues.

Fede, the contractor destroying these says they are packed 2-440 round tins to the 880 round case. He is supposed to send me both the tin & case pictures. JH

Ten-four. JH

I just read that Century Arms is working on a new order of 7.62x54R ammunition for 2014 but don’t know who is the manufacturer. Also 7.62x25!

Fede, I’ve just found this:

Alex, thanks. The new production has just been added to Century’s website in two bullet jacket variations: centuryarms.biz/bypassredarm … 091114.asp

The “copper jacketed” loading also exist in a new 7.62x39 production (2014) made by LCW in Ukraine.

And new surprises:

Polish 7.62x51:
centuryarms.biz/bypasshotsho … 091114.asp

Roumanian 8x57:



Fede, good to see those Romanian 7.62x54R (though the previous ones seem to be scarce then as they were scrapped?)!

The Polish 7.62x51 and the Romanian 7.92x57 are not too much of a surprise as they were shown at the IWA in spring this year. Just without US style packing.
Both should have “domestic” headstamps:
“MESKO .308 Win.”
"SADU 8x57 13"
If anybody has seen others it would be great to hear about.

I wonder about the hs on the Slovak 9x19 as they should be from ZVS.

Also watch out for Polish 5.56x45 with hs:
"MESKO .223 Rem"
I assume them to show up in the same “channels”.

Alex, these 7.62x51 and 8x57 cartridges are a new production exclusively made for Century Arms. The first is headstamped HOT SHOT M 7.62x51 (M = Mesko) and follows the same identifying system placed at 3 o’clock like the one used in 7.62x39 cartridges made by LCW (LU = Lugansk). The second cartrdge is headstamped with a “7.92x57” caliber designation.

The Slovakian 9 mm Parabellum made in 2013 and now also in 2014 was made by ZVS with a HOTSHOT 1 9mm LUGER headstamp. The “1” is placed at 3 o’clock and I assume that is the code assigned to this manufacturer by Century Arms. See this thread: iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopi … =8&t=14893



Great info again!
It seems the change is the only constant thing in the business.

Again 3 new headstamps to look out for - while not having found the ones previously mentioned…