7.62x54 API

All, I went to a garage sale today and bought a box of these for ten bucks. I figured, why not? But what I don’t know is if they’re legit. I don’t think these are military, but since I’m new I’m doubting my instincts. Anyway some clarification would be appreciated and again, ten bucks isn’t bad, if it’s not legit I’ll just plink it anyway.

HS is 7.62x54 SADU 08 (or 80?)


Henry, this one is Romanian made by SADU.

Is the CM on the proj too or just on the case neck?

So far I have not heard of other than ball loads. Means this one could be a reload.

What does the box say?

Alex, they at e reloads. Box says on inside flap I just checked. Like I said ten bucks, hope it’ll light up when I shoot!

Hi again Alex. I need to revisit this issue because the guy wants to sell me more. Is there a definitive way that I can tell if these are reloads or not? He said they were repacked into boxes and he mentioned that reloading Berdan primed steel cases would be too hard to accomplish. Although I’m learning fast I still feel too new at this to make “command decisions” with my money like that. Although I don’t like the paint job on these, as they look too faded, I did weigh these and looked under the glass and I saw zero pull marks or anything else that would tell me they’re fakes, unless it’s just the paint. Anyway let me know what you all think… and by the way Alex I saw no purple sealant on the projectiles, only on case mouth.

Henry, in my view these are definately not the projectiles which were loaded into these cases when they left the factory.
Pulling projectiles without leaving tools marks is no big thing and the absent CM on the projs. is a 100% confirmation of what I think.

I can not speak for others but I have not seen any Romanian made APIs which were after the 1980s.
And the cases you have are all known from ball/FMJ loads.

What if you pull one down and show us the proj.?

Yea I will pull one tomorrow and take a picture for sure Alex. Thanks

These look like someone loaded old API and APIT projectiles into new cases. Projectile tip color wear suggests they were tumbled to clean them up a bit. All of this is very easy thing to do with basic reloading equipment. The left two rounds look like purple/red tips (APIT). Maybe it is just the picture? The far right round looks like a red only tip, which could be a spotter/observation round and should not be pulled with an inertia puller. In my opinion, these are not authentic or collectable, nor would I shoot someone else’s re-worked cartridges.

Well tomorrow I will get a couple with an inertia hammer… but I’ll be sure to shake them first to see if I hear something…

Ok guys pulled one with an inertia hammer.
36.7 mm long
10.12 grams, or 156.2 grains bullet weight.
Pictures attached. Any comments welcome.

So - how much of a gamble is it to be pulling these with an inertia hammer?
Let’s say in comparison to Beobachtung?


Well, I shook it at first and didn’t hear any pin, then I kinda stood around the corner and banged it out. I’ve decided not to put it back in since I don’t have a press, I just want to get to the bottom of this.

Also, I would never use an inertia hammer on a B Patrone lol.

I would not rely on the “shake test” to identify an observation round.
It is not 100% reliable.

Only about 50% reliable in my limited experience with 7.62x54r and 7,9 B-Patrone…

Well, maybe I got lucky then. But why would someone even put an observation round in a box of api anyway? Seems like a rare projectile in any caliber

ignorance would make it happen. Pulling a large amount of bullets & then reloading them & if a observation round got mixed in the inital supply it could easily find it’s way into a repacked / reloaded box

stuff happens! so I’ve been told.

I suppose it does! So, does anyone have anything definitive to say about these since I pulled one? I’m dying to find out, but not to the point of pulling all of them

This one appears to be the standard API B-32 (old pattern).

Does the projectile match the case? I.e Romanian? Is the date 1980 or 2008?

Case is 2008. The projectile was modernized by the Russians back in 1954 already.
Hard to tell who made your projectile and when but I assume your proj here is easily 40+ years old.

In my opinion, the projectile does not match the case. If you look online, there are a lot of these re-worked 7.62x54r cartridges for sale, as well as B-32 projectiles for reloaders.