7.62x54 Blank or Rifle Grenade Cartridge?


I know this is a bxn made cartridge.

I am guessing it is a blank?

Thanks for your information.


Blank as far as I know. The Czech. “Grenade Blank” cartridges I had and have heard of had colored tips. I never got a satisfactory answer as to why the Czechs. were making grenade blanks in the first place. Can anyone explain the use of grenade blanks post WWII in this caliber? What weapon used them?



All I found when researching this cartridge was a reference to a “grenade blank” which didn’t make sense to me. I thought it would be either a rifle grenade or a blank but not both.

Thanks again.


Heavyiron - a “Grenade Blank” is a blank cartridge intended specifically for launching a “Rifle Grenade,” or a grenade from some other type of launching weapon. The terms are not mutually exclusive. Some blanks are made specifically for the sole purpose of making noise, while others are made as launching cartridges of various types. It is all in the adjectives used with the word “blank” when relating to ammunition.

That explains some of my confusion.

Thanks John!

The colored tip blanks are usually tool cartridges loaded by East Germany on cases they bought from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.
And not to exclude that these countries also might have used them for tools.