7.62x54 Trench Art?


This is I’m pretty sure a 7.62x54R round it measures up as that but when compared next to another 7.62x54R it doesn’t look exactly the same, I think this is probably an optical illusion due to the art work. The headstamp is F N 1905. The word around the middle is BULGAR has anone any idea what BULGAR stands for ?


This MAY be an 8x50R Austrian Mannlicher round. Is this a live round or inert? It looks like a nice piece of trench art.


It’s inert and the dimensions are the same as a 7.62x54R.


THIS IS THE EARLY 7.62 RUSSIAN . BULGAR most likely means BULGARIA. Can you put up a look at the base ?


Here are some early 7.62x54rs to compare.


Heres a pic of the headstamp, haven’t quite got the hang of close up photography yet.


That certainly looks like FN from here.


looks like an early 7.62x54R Russian contract which was picked up and trenched in Bulgaria as a souvenir.


CSAEOD, thanks for the info.
Heres 3 other early headstamps.

G17 = Greenwood & Batley, W = Winchester & RL = Royal Laboratories all on contract to Russia.


That 3 position RL is a keeper.


The FN contract 7.62x54R is a RARE cartridge. I have never owned one. Woodin Lab has it but I would have to buy one is it came up for sale even if it was “trenched”.


Another two “early” headstamps.

Manufactured by Polte for captured weapons

and one made by Remington


These are nice WW1 era headstamps. When I say early Russian I mean prior to the adoption of the pointed bullet in 1908. I should call it the M1891.