7.62x54mmR Produced In Germany For Turkey During WW1?

Recently on the REIBERT.info forum a photograph, shown below, was posted by forum member " DRAMMATURG " showing the headstamp of a 7.62x54mmR case found in Ukraine:


From this headstamp at the 12:00 position there appears to be the number " 11 " and at the 6:00 position there is a crescent and star.

Discussion on the REIBERT forum implies this cartridge was produced in Germany via an order from Turkey in 1915 and production occurred in 1916. It is also noted that this cartridge headstamp is found in 2 variations based on the size of the raised figures and the primer is slightly smaller than those found with a typical Russian made cartridge of the time.

Can anyone provide any additional information on this cartridge?



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Translation of the last entry in that post.

Она и есть. Германия для Турции. Главный признак - диаметр капсуля меньше, чем у производимых на территории РИ. А к нам они попали с турецким корпусом, который прибыл в 1916 году в Украину и воевал в районе Бережан.

So she is (she is made in Germany for Turkey for a 1915 contract). The main sign - primer diametre is smaller than produced in Russian Empire. And we got it from a Turkish division which arrived to Ukraine in 1916 and fought in the area of Bereshany.

Vlad, yes, but this is only an assumption so far.
And we have never seen these in Germany.
I also wonder if we had the capacity back then to produce for export.
Raw material resources in WW1 were even less than in WW2.

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I don’t recall ever hearing about any Turkish rifles in 7.62x54R.

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Turkish troops using captured weapons?

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I think they did, same as with 10.67x57R (Berdan 4.2-line).
If I remember correctly they had captured material from the issues with Bulgaria.
Or is my memory mixing dates?

Turkey received “adapted” Mosin-Nagant rifles from Austria as military aid in 1914. I don’t know what the “adapted” means; perhaps they were converted to fire 7.9mm Mauser?.

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TURKEY used many M91 M-N rifles in WWI…Rifles captured in Balkan Wars, Rifles given by AH with sights modified to Metres/ and Script Markings; Booty Rifles from Germany ( Deutsches Reich Stock Roundel) and Rifles captured from disastrous 1914-15 Armenian Campaign.
After WWI, Ataturk and Lenin ( 1922) resolved border dispute in Armenia with a supply of M91 rifles, and tons of US Made 7,62 Ammo.
By the late 20s, most M91s had been traded to Finland, given to Iran and Afghanistan, or otherwise used Up.
I have a DR marked ( and Turkish Marked “7,6” M91, and also another of possible Lenin treaty origin.
I don’t think Turkey ever manufactured 7,62x64R ammo, relying on captured or German donated stock.
DWM is a known maker of 7,62R, both for KM Matrosen battalions, and for Turkey.

Turkey also used a quantity of “VenusWerke” 1917 conversions to 7,9 S Patrone. These also ended up in Finland as “parts” rifles.

Doc AV