7.62x54mmR With A Single Flash-Hole Primer Pocket, Russia

A recent discussion with photos on the Reibert Info Forum by forum member “tr30801” concerning some early 1900s 7.62x54mmR cartridge cases having single flash-hole primer pockets, photos shown below:

It seems these case were produced at the Lugansk cartridge plant in the years 1901, 1902 and possibly 1903. Typically 7.62x54mmR cases have primer pockets with 2 flash-holes.

This resembles the Georg Roth patent design using a single flash-hole primer pocket & Berdan primer.

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Resembles in the the flash-hole is central to the anvil, but missing the typical Roth wedge shaped slash across the anvil, to increase flash passage. ( and work-harden the
anvil brass, itself a folded part of a semi-balloon-headed case.)
Maybe Lugansk Patronnyi Zavod tried to shortcut the tooling required, or were trying to avoid Roth’s Patents???
Doc AV

Was there in fact any Roth primer patent design still in effect in 1901? Roth did have a patent in the 1870s for a primer intended to be used in a folded head case. Moetz, as far as I can recall, never refers to the typical central flash hole Berdan primer used by Austria-Hungary as a Roth type or patent. Jack