7.62x54R "14 П" dummy by Petrograd Factory

I dug this out of a bin at SLICS. It is non magnetic. “П” is either “Подольск” or “Петроград”, 1914 was the year St.Petersburg was renamed. No powder movement inside. What is it?

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Looks like one of the extremely rare dummies and in excellent condition!
Exceptional find!

St. Petersburg it is. By 1914 Podolsk was no issue.

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Thanks Alex. Nice to hear that my digging is not in vain. Next year I go straight to the bins.

How do you determine that this is a dummy???I have exactly the same round only the
year says 15 not 14 however the bullet on mine is staked and not round crimped as on
the pic shown?? Please elaborate!!


  • black bullet + neck
  • groove in bullet
  • circular crimp on case neck
  • popped primer
  • empty case

Do not qualify for the jack pot thanks

What jackpot? My English shucks, is that slang for something?

EOD - “Jackpot” is something you win, or when you acquire something you really want, as in “I hit the jackpot.” I think Sherryl meant that his round was not the rare dummy version of 7.62 x 54R with that headstampt, hence he “did not qualify for the jackpot.”

Your English is fine. No one knows all the slang words and expressions from every language, not even their native language, as such terms disappear with time, while others are “invented.”

John M.

John, thanks!
I know what a jackpot is and it seems my missunderstanding is in the fact that I personally think that the dummy Vlad has found DEFINATELY IS A JACKPOT!
This is the first such rond I see on a photo. Let alone the incredible condition.
So I thought Sherryls comment had a special meaning other than it not being jackpot since that is not the case (in my view).

Sorry did not mean to confuse you,your english is tops,I will say it to you in German
Jack pot means when (Jemand ganz gross gewonnen hat) but I think in english in
the beginning it came out of the poker playing by winning it all

Sherryl, that part I got.
I was confused over the part where the dummy above should be no jackpot. It definately is one of the scarcest 7.62x54R.

Sherryl’s round is not a rare dummy, hence no jackpot.

Jess, aah! I wonder, if her’s is exactly the same it still shall be a dummy - as rare as Vlad’s.

Maybe an image may help?

Sherryl’s said staked, not crimped. Picture would be good.

Here is a pic of the 1915 St.Petersburg round you be the judge.

The bottom part looks the same as Vlads but not the bullet end

Sherryl, ok, your’s is far from being exactly the same.