7.62x54R 2 pc. case


I have what appears to be a 7.62x54r Russian with a two piece case. the head stamp is REMINGTON 16, the REMINGTON is smaller than the other loaded round I have, also no dash’s either side of the 16. the primer pocket has not been drilled thru. the rim has a small ridge around the outside which makes it .595 dia., the other one is .562. the case length is .218, compared to .210. all other dimensions are the same and also the bullet appears to be the same. can someone tell me what I have?


I’m not aware of any 2-piece cases by Remington in this caliber at this time, for whatever that’s worth.

So perhaps you have a draw piece or unfinished case, in which someone has installed a bullet? Not pierced primer pocket / vent hole is suspect as a loaded round, bullet or no bullet.

A close up photo of the area which appears to the the joint / seam might be helpful. If it’s on the outside a look with a quality glass might let you see if it indeed, it is a seam / joint.

I have this headstamp in three non-ball variations; a tinned dummy with pierced primer cup, 4 case holes & an inner wood rod, plus two proof variations one with a blackened case & the other where the blackening is now a light brown color, both have nickel primers and GM-jacketed bullets