7.62x54R "60 + 28" headstamp?


Here ia a one I have not seen yet. “60” is supposed to be “Frunze”, “28” is 1928. What is a small “cross” at 3 o’clock?


60 - Luganskiy Patronniy Zavod (Lugansk Cartridge Works). Ukraine.
It is evacuated in Frunze in 1941.

  • Vlad, please note that the head [base] of that 7.62X54R is round [old style] and not beveled. I would also like to know the meaning of the + mark. I have two old 7.62X54R [headstamped “T” over “27” and “T” over “29” / T=Tula Arsenal] both having the round base but none of them has that + mark. For very good info about the 7.62X54R cartridge see here -----> mosinnagant.net/i3tro4.asp Liviu 03/12/07


Hmm, neat one. I have the same headstamp but without the “+”. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for that.


Cross at 3 o’clock, or cross at 3 o’clock and cross at 9 o’clock means cartridge for test shooting.


There is more to this round than I put in the original post. I just don’t want you guys think I am nuts. Here is the full headstamp description. At 12 o’clock - “60”, at 3 o’clock - a very faint “6” followed by “+”, at 6 o’clock - “28” and at 9 o’clock - extremely faint “8” followed by something so faint I’d not even guess what it may be. The faint parts are not embossed and are just contoures on the metal thus, with the round headstamp configuration (the edge lifts off the scanner glass), I cannot show it to you.


I managed to enhance 3 o’clock area to be visible. The second scan is an overall look.