7.62x54R 60 With Single 4 Year


I was talking to someone online who has a can of opened 7.62x54R for sale and haven’t run across this combination of year and factory marking before. It is a 60 over 4 and I wasn’t too sure why it would only be a 4 for the year. I just thought that it might be the letter codes from the 50’s but he assures me its 60 over 4. The examples that I’ve seen for year in the 40’s are all 2 numbers and not 1. He doesn’t have the part of the can with all the markings to check so its less to go on.

It looks to be the same packing and rounds as the example on the Mosin ammo ID website,1948 Frunze/#60 Type L light ball on stripper clips in 15 round boxes. 20 boxes/60 clips/300 rounds per tin packing. I would be more interested if it ended up being from WW2 but I wanted to make sure so I didn’t end up buying something that was incorrect. I’m at a loss for this one since there seems to be so few boxes of Russian 7.62x54R from during the war.


Do you happen to have an image for us?

Maybe it is a Cyrillic blurry stamped “D” and not a 4?


I thought the same thing, it might be a Д but I asked and sent the screen of all of the letter dates to him in an email. I will try and get a better picture.

The image that was provided was a bit blurry but this is what they have a picture of:


I am trying to compare it to the one example I saw and it looks more like a 4 since its not as fat as the Д:



Hmm, I’d say we definately need a better image.


Perhaps it will be useful, for these m links there are photos of letter stamps:


After getting a better picture it was the 1953 character date and not a 4.