7.62x54r ammo crate and can markings

Found this crate buried in the garage. If I remember correctly it was 1945 dated ammo on clips in 15rd boxes. Still have the second can somewhere sealed.
Also including a picture of a can of Bulgarian HB lead core that had some of the worst ammo defects I have seen. Can someone help me read the crate and the cans information? I thought the can said something like war reserve. Thanks in advance

IMG_1717 IMG_1718 IMG_1719

I am having a hard time trying to decypher the crate markings.
These are light ball “L” bullets on copper clad steel cases.

The Bulgarian 1954 dated tin is marked as “life fire practice ammo”. Likely a lot of sub-standard quality.
In my view it was not ammo with expired shelf life which then got down graded because the markings apopear all to have been applied in the same way, style and with the same paint. So likely it came like this from the factory.
So the defects you have observed would make sense.

The wooden box seems to have a word “Грузополучатель” on it, in Russian it would stand for “Receiver of cargo”. Metal case clearly is Bulgarian, so maybe it is Bulgarian ammo in the Soviet battle pack box?
Could it be rejected 1954 ammo in an old used 1945 case, since it is for “practice” only, not for combat?

Vlad, the address thing is not related to the content but is only like an address on an envelope. So basically unrelated to ammo here.

The crate and the tin have nothing to do with each other.

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It is difficult to read the marking on a wooden box, but it seems it was possible.
On the left side:

  • 7,62 Л.Г.Ж - light bullet (Л), bimetallic case (ГЖ).
  • 880 шт - 880 pieces
  • ГЕРМ.УКУПОРКА - sealed package

On the right side:

  • Top line with letter K - should be the number of the party ammunition and manufacturer code.
  • VIII - 45 - Month of production (August) and year (45)
    -Gunpowder Code: ВТОД СМ - A rifle under heavy bullet (BT) (!!! but we have a light bullet), - special delivery (imported powder, most likely from the USA), SM - mixed.
  • 39/45 - batch 39 produced in 1945.
  • T - Tula plant
  • В/В - военного времени - wartime.

Means here: in tins

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I see number 60

Could well be, it is very hard to ID:

Thanks for all the responses. I have searched for more information on the importation of rifle powders into Russia for the war effort in the past. Very ironic that this crate was so marked. Does anybody have further information on rifle and pistol powders supplied by the US to the CCCP or others for that matter?