7.62x54r assortment from bins

I don’t really collect 7.62x54r but I pulled out a bunch of 100+year old headstamps along with some bronze tips and BZT (what are BZT rounds worth anyway?)

Your blackened case Remingtion & the tinned case WRACo’s are proof loads

who is headstamp “85 3” brass case?

Can’t see it.
If so it is Albania.

Here ya go, forgot it.

Also, the one with some head corrosion has no headstamps that I can see. Any idea who it is? Multi-segment crimp around neck. ETA: crimp looks the same as the VPT 7.62x53r


This is Albania.

The one without hs you need to show.

It’s in the original pictures. Far left.

Greeting from a new guy. I live on a ranch in southeastern Arizona, between Tombstone and Fort Huachuca (US Army post). I’ve found 100s of interesting and old shell casings around here - but recently found a big surprise. A very tarnished 7.62x54R with headstamp of 671 or 871 (even with 10x magnifier, I can’t be sure) over 53*7. The casing looks MUCH too worn and old to be from 1953, so I’m guessing that’s not a year/month.

This is the area of Wyatt Earp’s wild west and the Indian Wars against the Apache and Chiricahua. Camp Huachuca (before it became a Fort) was established in 1877 and played a central role in securing the old west, as well as training soldiers for WW1 and WW2. Still, finding a 7.62x54R out here surprises me.

Can anyone help decipher the headstamp?

Many Thanks, R.J.

Ok, that is one made after 1930.
Not too many choices for an un-headstamped case.
Maybe Spain?

Thank you. The top three numbers have a * before and after (star 671 star). When I typed that into the forum, it converted the text to italics. Not sure if that helps.

For my education, what tells you that it was post 1930?

@RangerJoe, EOD is responding to my query about an un head stamped case. It’s most likely post 1930 due to the case head being angular instead of smooth.

Yours with a 671 would be a China manufacturer, Month 7 of 1953. The very oldest 7.62x54r cartridges date back to the 1890’s. Is it attracted to a magnet?

Joe, sorry for confusion. Seems you posted right 1 sec before I clicked to post.

Do you have images of your headstamps?

@jestertoo : Ah - thanks for clarification and sorry for my mis-cue. No, the case is not steel, it is brass and Berdan primed. I’m actually surprised it is as new as 1953; I find USGI brass with 1930~40s headstamps out here that look better than this case. Of course, 60+ years on the AZ desert floor can wear anything.

ETA: Best photo I could grab with my phone:

Thank you, RJ

Ok, it seems Jess said all about this headstamp.

Thanks all - I’ve spent several hours exploring this site; awesome amount of useful information and friendly folks. Sua Sponte