7.62x54R B32 APi, headstamp id help?

Hello everyone. Searching online for information I came across this site, very informative!

I found locally what I believe to be 7.62x54R, B32 APi. Everything looks legit at first glance. Copper wash bullet with black over red tip. Copper wash case with red primer annulus & neck seal, though some of the neck sealant appears to have rubbed off over the years.

My question is the headstamp. It looks to be 10 over 72. Looking here that stamp appears to be Bulgarian correct? I have not found specific info as to whether the Bulgarians produced B32.

Does this sound authentic or a fake? Thank you.


Hello, the B32 API was indeed made in Bulgaria and the cartridge’s case material, seals and headstamp date are correct for this loading. They also made it with brass a case.



Awesome. Thank you sir.