7.62x54R bullet ID

This cartridge has a VPT 40 headstamp. Bullet looks like it is has a black coating over a brass or copper jacket. It does attract a magnet. Note the blunt tip. Can anyone tell me what type of bullet this is?

Hendere, this is a great thing!
It is a Finnish “7.62 kiv. Se-770ps p i sid” and should be an AP-T loaded with an imported projectile from France if I remember right. I shall dig my docs to see if I find the manufacturing country.

I once had one of those, but was told it was just an AP. Never got around to sectioning it to find out for sure. Did not hear the part about the projectile coming from France.


AKMS you are lucky, here in Europe they practically do not exist.

Cool! Thanks for the info. I was a little afraid that this was something made up. The crimp looked correct but you never know I guess.

I’m betting English.

Any confirmation on France?