7.62x54R bullets and Unknown bullet core

So, I found this Romanian 7.62x54R bullet which is longer then a regular one. No sealant was applied (maybe a foreign bullet, not Romanian), at its bottom there seems to be some purple composition which can be easily bring out with a screwdriver and its tip seems to be silver. Maybe it can be a light ball bullet, but that would be wrong since the bullet next to it is a light ball too and the silver tip line wasn’t applied anymore on Romanian cartridges since 1978. Furthermore, what’s with that purple composition? Tracer, incediary?

The third bullet looks more like a reduced ricochet 7.62x54R PRS bullet. That’s only an assumption based on its length and its boat tail, inside view. It was part of an inert 7.62x54R Romanian cartridge dated 22 RPR 53. Our army doesn’t used such PRS bullets, so why does an inert cartridge doesn’t have a regular ball bullet? (It looks as an L type bullet, but it is magnetic, thus not contain a lead core)

And the last question, I’ve also found this bullet core which I compared with a 7.62x39 PS bullet and its steel core. Maybe it is a bullet instead of a core, but how about its boat tail? And if it is indeed a cartridge not a bullet, maybe only its bimetalic jacket is gone, while its lead coating and steel core remained. And if it is a core, it is very different from any armour-piercing cores I’ve seen and no way that it’s a ball bullet core (besides, it is longer then the cartridge itself) or a tracer/incendiary bullet core.

**All of them were find on Romanian soil and all of them are magnetic.

Thanks to anyone who clarifies my situation.


[quote=“MarchHatchet, post:1, topic:32195”]
It looks as an L type bullet, but it is magnetic, thus not contain a lead core

How you conclude that??
The jacket is usually a gmcs-jacket and therefore magnetic.
This has nothing to do, with a core or not…
The first longer bullet in your pic, is obvious an APT-Bullet.of type BST 44…or a T30 Tracer
If you give lenght of the first 3, i can look it up, what each should be…and, please give the weight…

pic from russian book…

Peter, the first “long” one looks more like a T-46M tracer.
#2 LPS
#3 L (pre ~1930)

On the 2nd image I have no thought about the left one.

There is no PRS in the image. Also the PRS never was adopted.

Yes Alex. We both share the same opinion regarding the 7.62x54R taking into account that purple composition which might be the tracer cup, or was. No way for an incendiary, API or APIT (there’s no APT registered in any Romanian military books, the old ones I’m referring to) since I kinda know the ammo that is fired where I’ve found it. One thing though, the Romanian Army have their tracers labeled as T-46, so I don’t say it’s a T-46M.

without weight and lenght of the bullets, its like heiteres Berufe-raten.
Only with facts we can find out, what it maybe is…
The russian forces inside of Rumania after the WW2 occupation used all sorts of ammunition of their own.
What Rumanian Armata used (,later) is a different thing.
And from a bullet alone, without cases, is hard to tell, when they where used and from whom…