7.62x54R cartridges SFM(France)

May be somebody have information about manufacturing 7.62x54R cartridges on SFM (Société Française des Munitions ) in 1890-1920 years? How long time and how many?
Be thankful over any information.

The only dated 7.62x54R SFM example I have is S.F.M 18 GG 94.

I have 18DD94 and 18DD95 headstamp in my collection.

SFM drawings are available here:

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-005.jpg

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-012.jpg

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-004.jpg

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-007.jpg

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-009.jpg

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-006.jpg

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-014.jpg

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-011.jpg

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-019.jpg

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-021.jpg

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-020.jpg

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-022.jpg

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-001.jpg

histavia21.net/Old-Munavia-2 … OS-024.jpg

Fanks. I know this draft. But this pictures dont give answers on my question.


Would you please share the pictures of your 18DD94 and 18DD95 headstamps

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Where does the “DD” come into the description?

I give name “DD” for small “flower” on 18 hours.

Unfortunately, on my screen, the bottom half of the cartridge headstamps are so dark that I cannot see what symbol is at the “1800 hours” (6 O’Clock) position on the headstamp. However, it is normally the letters “GG” printed back to back and intertwined, and standing for “Gevelot and Gaupillat.”

Fhanks. I dont know about “Gevelot and Gaupillat.”

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Valio, Thanks ! Really interesting headstamps.
Is it possible to see the cases as well?
It would be great to see both full-length half-face.
Thanks in advance

Gevelot and Gaupillat…,.original founders of the ammunition company which eventually was Corporatised into “SFM” (Societe Francaise des Munitions).

the date 1894 is instructive, because this was the year of the Chatellerault Contract of M91 Moisins for the Imperial Russian Gov’t. The ammunition was probably made by SFM to cover rifle testing, accuracy , acceptance trials (the Russians were very “picky”) and so on. And the forward-thinking French, seeing that other Eastern European Nations with alliances or under the aegis of the Tsar, might become customers, did a full work-up on the ammo…it is also very likely that the French-made ammo was for Quality Purposes in Russia itself, as a “Standard” against which the Russian made ammo had to compare.

I also suspect that Chatellerault used the Machinery supplied by Greenwood and Batley for Tula and Izhevsk to “try” the machines before they were shipped to Russia, with a Batch of Rifles.
The other reason of using Chatellerault was that French was the Language of educated Russians ( at Court, in the Armed Forces, in Industry), so supervisors from Russia sent to familiarise themselves with new Machinery would not have a Language disadvantage.

If anybody is lucky enough to have a Chatellerault M91 ( even if “Finn’ed”), a cartridge with SFM 1894 markings would be a fine companion.

BTW, SFM did supply some Balkan states (Montenegro, ?Bulgaria? ) which had Mosins Prior to WW I.

Doc AV

The Munavia SFM drawings are interesting, in that they are in French AND Russian, with the measurements in INCHES ( Thousandths)…as the Russians were still on an Inch system, and the “Linniye” was 1/10th of an Inch…Hence the Name Vintovka trilinniye 1891 goda ( Infantry Rifle,–Three Line–1891 Year.) Or for us Westerners, .300 Inch, or “7,62 mm”.


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