7,62x54R chinese Dummy?

With this chinese cartridge I am not sure if it is a regular dummy. I know chinese dummies usually have a rubber insert in the primer pocket.

A few years back a great variety of Chinese dummy rounds became available in every caliber from 5.8 up to 14.5mm. They came as singles, in boxes, on key-chains and clocks, and most recently on model tanks and planes. There have been mixes of rubber primers, brass/rubber primers, struck brass primers, no primers, as well as hole-in-case variations.
I’m not always sure whether any variation is military for the PLA, commercial for export/tourist sales, or the production of scrappers for the export/tourist market.

One could specialize in collecting just Chinese dummy cartridges and have an impressive array of variations.

This one does not “look” like a military issue type and the projectile/cannelure looks wrong for the caliber. The case is fired and not cleaned, as evidence by the carbon residue in the primer pocket and around the case neck. Not something I would expect from a factory made dummy. Most likely assembled from whatever scrap/surplus components were available for the purpose of trinket, souvenir, etc.

You could buy PG-7 rocket shells too…

Thank you for your replies.

how about a chinese 35mm? Wasn’t there a thread on these recently?


besides of course the round itself, very nice link :-)