7.62x54R collectors...let's chat (new to the Forum!)

Good morning all, new user here. Looking for some fellow 54r collectors out there. Would love to see / share pictures and knowledge about the subject. Thank in advance.

Welcome here Lord-Humongous!
This is the right place to be and to discuss the subject.
What exactly is your scope on this caliber? Just all or military or certain countries?

Hey there. Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been collecting 54r from all countries/ plants. Military and commercial.

French Archive
Amic, Dan

Omg thank you so much. This is unbelievable. :grin::grin::grin::+1::us_outlying_islands:

Here are few Dummys.


Outstanding. I recently purchased a handful of #9. Need to find more. I’ve only been looking on gun broker. Another thoughts. Gun shows are no go since I live in the commie Cuomo state of ny

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Hi, I’ve a lot of Moisin ammo in my collection. If you give me some time I’ll take picts and share with you. Any desired one especially?

I collect U S made 7.62 x 54R.

Here is a Barrel Proof cartridge made from a .303 British case with U 15 VII headstamp.



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Wow, I didn’t think stuff like that existed. Very hard to find us made 54r.

Very old photo (my 53R/54R collection is now at 45 specimens and I collect all military + Finnish civilian), but number 5 and 7 (from left) are pretty special to me.
Swedish made (CG) 54R tracer and proof/barrel slug rounds, made for the Ksp m/95 (PKT) machine guns on the ex-DDR Pbv 401 (MT-LB)s.


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You should consider coming to the St. Louis cartridge show,(SLICS) March 29 through April 3.


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Looking it up now. Thank you :blush:

I can had only two cartridges, a model 1891 with the rounded bullet and a model 1908 with the pointed bullet:

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Oh wow. Beautiful :heart_eyes:

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An AP load, with others from gunboards.com
AP 7.62x54r | Gunboards Forums

I see only one AP there…

Oops, mixing up the pictures

I shot some API and pz a week ago. Amazing stuff

Hi hier, the factory dummy SFM, a commercial box .

and some things about charger …

Bsrg, Dan

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