7.62x54R collectors...let's chat (new to the Forum!)

Don’t worry Alex the amount of knowledge increases exponentially every day. We cannot keep it all in our heads.

Is it possible the different W’s indicate different bullet weights? I weighed my examples and, “regular” W weighs 311.9 grains. “Stylized” W weighs 353.6 grains.


The actual bullet diameter for 7.62x54R is 7.9mm or .311"

This is the same diameter as the British .303.

As they were made for Finland one would think the Finns had their ammo marking system in place.
Means here that the respective markings were on the boxes.
While headstamp font is not known to have a meaning in Finland, it would support the Finnish info of the “W” fonts to be factory identifiers of Winchester itself.

Falcon, you are correct regarding the pointed bullet introduced in 1908.
The label shown by Munavia (dated 1902, if I understand it correctly) is from the time the Russian Army still used the original round nose bullet. Its average diameter was 7.8 mm (7.77-7.82 according to Tschumak).
Russia, after France and Germany, was the third (and last) country that increased bullet diameter when going from the round nose to the pointed bullet shape.

Hi, i just found the draw who can have something common with the label “7,8”
Amic, Dan

Bsrg, Dan

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Hello, here it is (lately…) my little contribution. I choose these ones and below, in the same order, their headstamps.




Beautiful :heart_eyes: let me know if you ever want to get rid of them :grin::grin:

Grrrrrr… I realized I missed the first HS. My apologies.
Here it is

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The Romanian one is really great !

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The romanian one should be made from 8 mm Austrian (8A)

I wonder, could this be a movie blank?

I checked in my database and it is identified as a launch. This does not mean that it is a grenade launch at 100% obviously :grimacing:

I doubt it to be a grenade propelling cartridge.
This happens when people try to let blanks look more valuable/important and forget to deal with rifle grenades which would have been used with and if a country had those in service at all.

I agree with your doubtful logic, we’ve seen too many fancy version…

I neglected to share all the Finnish stuff and other versions, if they may be of interest I will take pictures

Please do!

It IS a Movie-blanc I got all mine from a bulgarian movieindustry place…including a lot of 11mm Gras transfered into movieblanks, by pulling the bullets and adding a starcrimp on.
They also had amounts of 10,66 russian “blanks”, but i took only a few with foreign headstamps…From the romanian Pirot.Armatey they had hunderts, if not more, as i havent seen all places inside their storage…

More stuff, as promised:

Headstamp picts on demand

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Hi, here you have few ones from Spain.

#1 Pirotecnia de Sevilla brass case (PS 1950)
#2 Fábrica Nacional de Toledo brass case (F N T 50 raised)
#3 Fábrica Nacional de Toledo (F. N. T. 1944) Remanufactured from brass cases captured in republican factories.
#4 Spanish República, 1937-39 Subsecretaría de Armamento, unknow factory, probably Valencia or Novelda. Brass case. ( )
#5 Spanish República, Subsecretaría de Armamento. Fábrica Nº 3 , Novelda. Brass Case (8-38 3 * raised)
#6 Fábrica Nacional de Palencia factory dummy from catured russian steel rounds (T 37)