7.62x54r Explosive Incendiary Type PZ

Russian 7.62x54r High Explosive/ Incendiary Type PZ, headstamp 17/E/40 wolfgang

edited for correction

Great cutaway!!!
But let me note, this is not ZR bullet (ZR mean zajogatelno-Razrivnaya - Explosive-Incendiary) but PZ/ZP (Pristrelochno-Zajigatelnaya or Zajigatelno-Pristrelochnaya what is in English - spotter-incendiary). ZR was developed in 1915-17 and was much more different from this bullet:

E in heaqdstamp is Sh and mean SHKAS - cartridge for air machine gun. By the way SHKAS with ZP bullet is neat finding!

Thank you Yuri, had the older projectile as 1915/16 incendiary, and mine that is pictured as ZR. Now we now that its a PZ. ( Funny, the outside of case was labled PZ, which just added to my confusion.) Great information on the “E” - SHKAS, air machine gun loading. wolfgang

Yuri is right, the symbol is “Ш” (Sh), rather than “E”, and the designation is “ПЗ/ЗП” (PZ/ZP - pristrelochno-zajigatelnaya/zajigatelno-pristrelochnaya = spotter-incendiary/incendiary-spotter). The pictures are great as the cutaway is, but I had not payd attention to the post, just enjoyed the pics.