7.62x54R Identification - Russian?

The case is a very dark, almost black lacquer with a copper colored bullet. It appears to be a lead core, presumably light ball. The round has a brass colored primer and here is no sealant on the primer nor the neck.

The headstamp is “60” at 6 o’clock and two interlaced circles at 12 o’clock.

Is this some kind of commercial Russian ammo?

Edit: Added pictures

This cartridge was made in China. It is an ordinary Ball round.

Very cordially

Yes, it is a Chinese ball cartridge, but it is not exactly ordinary. This is an exact copy of the Soviet type “D” heavy ball. Apparently the Chinese made very little of this heavy ball ammunition, and there are no outward markings to identify it as such. To date, I have only seen these heavy ball analogues in either copper washed steel or your dark chocolate colored lacquered steel cases from the factory using the intertwined circles as a factory code. At one time I saw some of this ammo at a local gun shop being sold as “Match” grade for use in the Olympics. Apparently the factory code reminded the store owner of the Olympic symbol! As I recall, the paper packets this ammo came in were also unmarked as to type. I’d like to see what the crate or can markings were…

Interesting and unusual Chinese variant, but fairly common at one time as shooter ammo here in the US.



I bought 50 rounds of this ammo at a gun show last weekend. The guy was selling it as Russian that “came over when the M91/30s first were imported almost 20 years ago.” He said he’s had it in storage since and that it’s some of the best (accurate) ammo he’s used.

I’d never seen ‘Russian’ ammo like this before and bought some just out of curiosity.

The time frame of 20 years sounds right for the importation of this ammo. I can’t personally speak for the accuracy, but I have heard that it is accurate.
I have to wonder if it is in fact a match/sniper/competition load of some sort.
The fact that it uses the uncommon (in China) heavy ball projectile, is only found with the non-numerical factory code with dates well after the adoption of numerical factory codes and is only known for a few years of production makes me wonder if it was purpose-built for a specific reason…


AKMS, I don’t think this is match grade ammo. It looks low quality to me. The lacquer is not evenly applied and some of the case mouths don’t look like they were cut very well.

I’ll try to get a picture of the ‘quality’…

EDIT: OK, it’s not as bad looking as a remembered but the crimp seems a bit crude to be match grade. I had trouble getting a picture of it, however. Who knows, maybe this is “match grade” Chinese ammo ;)

I did find one round that had a nice size piece of metal missing from the case mouth (it was there before I separated the bullet).