7.62×54R Identify

I have two models of 7.62×54R
I think first photo belong to light steel core
And second belong to heavy steel core.
Are them correct?
Pleaae help me to recognize them correctley .




Because of steel core( not lead core) they are armour piercing cartridge.
But in many sites, they are as ball cartrigde.

So which are correct?
Heavy Steel core( ball)
Heavy stell core ( armour piercing)

These have soft steel cores and do not qualify as AP.

Silver/yellow: this particular type and color marking were only made by Hungary.

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1-So Heavy steel core is ball cartridge?
2-my friend told me that silver/yellow has incendiary mixture.so silver/yellow has incendiary mixture?

3- why heavy steel cores dont have qualify as AP?
Mybe soft steel core dont have qualify as AP but how about heavy steel core?

Only hardened steel cores make up for a designated AP capability.
No matter how heavy a steel core is, when it is not hardened it is no AP.
But the heavy in the designation of this projectile here referrs not to the core but to the overall weight as it still contains lead.

Too many people are talking about things they do not know anything about.
It remains a heavy ball with steel core. This is exactly what the color code is saying.
The basic design was the lead cored heavy ball and the Hungarians wanted to save lead and added a soft steel core. This is about it.
Actually the Soviets did the same in WW2 (extremely limited) but that is a different story.

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It is designated as 7,62 DPSz.

Thanks alot.
How about question 2?

For silver tip:
Cartridges with ordinary steel core bullet 7.62 LPS (LPS — light steel core bullet) has been developed at Scientific Research Institute SR1-61 (subsequently TSNIITOCHMASH) for changeover of cartridges with light and heavy bullets and has been accepted on arms at 1953. The cartridge is intended for military personnel of enemy defeat being openly and behind barrier punched out by a bullet and also unarmoured armaments and military equipment.
LPS bullet has a bimetallic shell and a low-carbon steel core that has led also to negligible increase of bullet breakdown ability besides lead economy (in comparison with a light lead core bullet). The weight of LPS bullet is 9.6 g. A bullet bottom part is conic. The cartridge is produced with bimetallic or steel lacquered cartridge case. Since 1986 LPS bullet is made with steel heat-strengthened core which has essentially increased its breakdown action. The name and marks of cartridges have not changed.
In the middle of 1980 employees from TSNIITOCHMASH together with designers from Novosibirsk Low-Voltage-Equipment Works had been lead modernization of LPS bullet. The batch production of cartridges with ST-M2 bullet has begun in 1988 in Novosibirsk.
The bullet has heat-strengthened core of the greater weight, the best close grouping of shots and 1.5 times best breakdown in comparison with LPS bullet. The name of a cartridge and its marks also did not change.
Since 1953 and till 1978 the LPS bullet head part was painted in silvery color. After 1978 a bullet painting is not made.

There ЛПС are released in 1977 but no color,СТ-М2 began to release in 1989.

Since 1986, with a hardened core make 5.45(7Н6)

my friend told me that silver/yellow tip photo has incendiary mixture.so silver/yellow has incendiary mixture?

Most likely not, if my memory does not change this heavy bullet with a steel core.

Here’s an image of a DPSz I sectioned and one of an empty ammunition can. It has a lead sheath around a mild steel core and no incendiary content. The silver tip is just to differentiate between a lead core heavy ball (yellow tip) and a steel core heavy ball (silver / yellow tip), which is only heavier than the LPS by virtue of it being longer. As discussed, no AP capability as the core is mild steel, not hardened steel. Yaserdoma, steel cores (including mild steel) often give off a shower of sparks when they hit a steel target, and the core can get very hot, maybe this is how your friend was mistaken if he observed this with the DPSz rounds?

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What I said…

Thanks alot MUSKEY and EOD and others for helping me.
Thanks very much.