7.62x54r Incendiary


7.62x54r incendiary, copper washed steel jacket and lead 2nd half, copper wased steel case, blue tipped, headstamp - 21/52 Sirok, Hungry. Real or reload?


100% not factory original. Judging from the color of the paint, this came (the projectile at least) from a specialty manufacturer out west. I have used several types of their Tracer and Incendiary loads with very good results. Perhaps our friend Haak48 will see this and chime in.



Yes, not original. Not built by us however. This was made out of a steel jacketed “L” ball bullet. I know the fellow who made the bullets, they should work OK. The ones we build are made on copper jackets which are drawn just for us. Also, the use of the “L” bullet makes the finished projectile to short to boatail,which then requires the flat base closure. Mixture is probably IM-11 with some small amount of binder. JH


If it is incendiary, how did flames escape from the projectile? I don’t see any openings.


Vlad, the chemical filler is ignited on impact by pressure and flames are set free when the jacket is rupturing.


Thanks. After cutting you could notice that the quailty was just not there. Still set my woods on fire!