7.62x54R Kutovoi, partizan, 7n13 & type BT90


I might not have the right names here but I finally found a few gems I’ve been looking for:

WWI era Kutovoi armor peircing, WW2 Partizan? Subsonic for Mosin rifles with Brahmit silencer, newer (1997) 7n13 armor peircing & 2012 type BT90 armor peircing tracers. I pulled the bullets from the cases, dated 2012 to verify they were BT90 & will reassemble. Feel free to correct me if some of my information is wrong here as I am no expert.

Oh & the T46m in the last pic.



Do any members have any info on the Kutovoy or Partizan rounds I have here? What little information I have is in Russian, thank you.



Can you post info in Russian? And the headstamps?


Here is the info I have on the Kutovoy, I don’t have any info on the partizan. I’m not even sure if I’m using the proper term for the green cartridge, I only heard about them being used in conjuction with Brahmit devices which I find fascinating.


What is the name of this book? Sorry can’t help with your question.


The green-tipped stepped rounds are tracer, not partizan loads.


for jonnyc

the “partizan” round is on the first picture (right)
it a subsonic round made in ww2
the entire bullet and part of the neck is lacquered green
and maybe the head of the case

but it a extremely rare round and fake rounds are made


Previous Partizan round discussion: http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=15952

Paul Smith’s photos of a Partizan cartridge, missing from the above listed thread-


Some information on the early AP rounds & photos can found on page 46 of a Russian article on early 7.62x54mmR cartridges-
7.62 x 54mmR Russian Ammunition Early.pdf (5.3 MB)

An attempt to translate the Russian article: Great 7.62x54R Article,


for bdgreen you can see the “partizan” round on the first picture (right)

for the second picture the neck would be more covered with green lacquer (i suspect a fake)


A little information from me about Kutovoy from the Ukrainian forum. Unfortunately, everything is in Russian.



Great link, thanks for posting.