7.62x54R Kutovoi, partizan, 7n13 & type BT90

I might not have the right names here but I finally found a few gems I’ve been looking for:

WWI era Kutovoi armor peircing, WW2 Partizan? Subsonic for Mosin rifles with Brahmit silencer, newer (1997) 7n13 armor peircing & 2012 type BT90 armor peircing tracers. I pulled the bullets from the cases, dated 2012 to verify they were BT90 & will reassemble. Feel free to correct me if some of my information is wrong here as I am no expert.

Oh & the T46m in the last pic.


Do any members have any info on the Kutovoy or Partizan rounds I have here? What little information I have is in Russian, thank you.


Can you post info in Russian? And the headstamps?

Here is the info I have on the Kutovoy, I don’t have any info on the partizan. I’m not even sure if I’m using the proper term for the green cartridge, I only heard about them being used in conjuction with Brahmit devices which I find fascinating.

What is the name of this book? Sorry can’t help with your question.

The green-tipped stepped rounds are tracer, not partizan loads.

for jonnyc

the “partizan” round is on the first picture (right)
it a subsonic round made in ww2
the entire bullet and part of the neck is lacquered green
and maybe the head of the case

but it a extremely rare round and fake rounds are made

Previous Partizan round discussion: http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=15952

Paul Smith’s photos of a Partizan cartridge, missing from the above listed thread-


Some information on the early AP rounds & photos can found on page 46 of a Russian article on early 7.62x54mmR cartridges-
7.62 x 54mmR Russian Ammunition Early.pdf (5.3 MB)

An attempt to translate the Russian article: Great 7.62x54R Article,

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for bdgreen you can see the “partizan” round on the first picture (right)

for the second picture the neck would be more covered with green lacquer (i suspect a fake)

A little information from me about Kutovoy from the Ukrainian forum. Unfortunately, everything is in Russian.



Great link, thanks for posting.