7.62x54r.net didn't pay their bill (looks to be fixed now)

There was a fantastic reference of headstamps and colors there.


Does anyone know the owners?

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The web site appears to be live for me. You can always download a copy of a website using httrack or similar. It keeps images and structure etc, so it runs as if you were connected. Good for sites that you use often when travelling and may not have an internet connection, or you fear will disapear.

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Last night when I posted, if you manually type in 7.62x4r.net it should take you to some domain holding advertising stuff. My link above takes you to the wayback machine archive of it.

I’ll check out your suggestion as that sounds very useful.

http://7.62x54r.net works for me even with cache cleared. All links are live.
7.62x54r Ammunition Identification


Yup, looks like it’s fixed today.