7.62x54R Partizan/Silencer Loading?

I dug this old thread up because I think I just found an example of the round in question. It has a GMCS bullet, CWS case, brass primer, and a raised ‘60 51’ headstamp. The paint is not in good condition, but I think it clearly shows the correct markings.

Jon, 1951 is too late for Russian silencer loads (for the “Bramit” silencer) as the Russian stopped making the cartridges in about 1942 due to ineffectivity (as they been using the “L” light ball - the Finns copied them and made the same error).
Also the green tone does not match (original was like the green you see on tracers - same laquer I assume) and the original silencer load had an all green case head and an all green projectile which extended well over the case neck.

Do you have the possibility to x-ray your cartridge?

I questioned the date also, but I had no other explanation for the round. I will try to find a friendly x-ray tech.

In the past I have seen such a color tone on inert instructional cartridges.
Also we need to keep in mind that this may be something altered after it got out of Russian hands.

A. The paint looks original to the round; down into the case mouth and around the primer.
2. What would that paint scheme be used to instruct for?
III. The guy I got it from has had it for many years and he’s now just breaking up parts of his collection. I doubt it was faked before he got it, and I’m sure he did not create it.

Green on Russian Ordnance is denoting inert components for dummy purposes (as some other colors do too).
This could have been made in a unit’s workshop if this one is inert and as said many countries altered ammunition for what ever purpose. It may become very difficult to positively ID this one.
I did not say it is a fake.

The primer looks live, and there is good powder shake noise, about a 3/4 charge (by sound).

By sound it shall be a filler - inert or not is hard to say from here.

This one is headstamped 3B 41

The projectile and base are the same colour of green.



Paul, both ends of mine match, as to color. Do you think it’s a post-war variation of the Partizan load, an inert training example of the round, or something completely different?

Jon, there was no post 1945 production of the Bramit cartridges.