7.62x54r PZ Projectile Section

Seems like I section this one a lot. 7.62x54r PZ Spotter/ Observation (explosive incendiary) with remnants of a red tip.
Its next to a 7.62/.308 RAUFOSS that’s sold on Gunbroker.

Hi Wolfgang,
I think the right socalled RAUFOSS one, is a painters job from someone.


Considering the actual Raufoss design derived from the NM75 20x139 Rheinmetall round, NM140F2 (MP) and NM160F1 (MP-T), are only available in 12,7x99, I laugh a little bit every time I see American garage ammo manufacturers selling their “RUFUS”, “RAUFOS”, “RUFOSS”, “RAUFUS” ammo in various calibres… even saw some bloke selling .308s with obviously pulled 7,62x54R projectiles claiming it was “invented in the German town of Raufus”.

Nice sections. What is the “hammer” made of? Steel? What about the golden-coloured ring around it?

The “golden” ring is a brass sleeve with a narrowed front section which is holding the firing pin in it’s position. When the bullet hits something the firing pin is moving forward and pushes out the narrowed part and moves through the sleeve until it hits the priming composition.

Yes, I was aware. Assumed it was brass. What’s the rest of the firing pin and the surrounding cup made out of? Copper?

That should be steel.

Isn’t green on white the color of fragible round?

As per the US military yes but other countries do use other codes - like here.

I assume the “maker” tried to get close to this (3rd from left):


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My question, without having to do a lot of research, who was first with this design?


Joe, this is a Hirtenberger design patented 1930, although known cartridges with this loading were manufactured a few years before this date. To my knowledge, the earliest example is a 7.65x54 made by Dordrecht in 1927 (19 F y A 27 H. P.). Also, there is a 8x56R M. 25 experimental cartridge (8x56R M. 30 forerunner with high shoulder) loaded with this type of bullet, but it has no headstamp and I can’t confirm when it was made. Regards, Fede.

Joe, seeing Fede’s answer I wonder now if you meant the spotter projectile or the Raufoss MPP?

Fede, Thank you.

Alex, the spotter.


Older small caliber Spotter/ observation rounds.
From left to right:
7.65x54 Argentine FYA/1928 HP
7.62x54r with Argentine spotter (sold as a ZR observation)
7.62x54r Russian PZ 17/40/sideways E
7.62 RAUFOSS projectile
7.92x57 German B-Patrone P28/S8/8/38 (phosphorous tip)
8x56r Austrian Spotter A/4