7.62x54R reduced charge


i am looking for info (and pictures) about modern reduced charge (УС) 7.62x54R cartridges.
For what gun were they used in the countries of the Warsaw Pact? Was the PBS-1 silencer suitable for the SVD?

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Vince, Russia had only in WWII “US” or better subsonic cartridges in this caliber (with a standard 9.6 gram projectile which was too light). Finland copied these cartridges also during WWII but was not satisfied by the performance (same as Russia). Today again Finland has at least two different subsonic cartridges in this caliber (with heavy projectiles).
Today Russia has no 7.62x54R subsonic cartridge and it becomes less likelier that it ever will again since the Russian arsenal holds other silenced sniper weapons like the VSS in 9x39 and the VKS in 12.7x55.

How would one differentiate these subsonic cartridges from regular ones, anything in the headstamp?

The Russian WWII has an all green laquered projectile (“L” with 9.6 grams) and a green case head. The most common hs is “3B 41” on a copper plated steel case.

The Finnish WWII has a blue laquered case neck and a blue case head (a direct copy of the Russian one). Known hs is “VPT 42” on a brass case.

The Finnish post war subsonics are:

  • By Sako: blue projectile tip and civilian Sako hs (as I have been told it got developed for the LE market)
  • By Lapua: blue case head and shorter projectile (actually it is seated deeper to reduce the powder chamber and the ogive is shorter than on usual projectiles what makes a heavier projectile), this one was made for the Finnish Border Troops. The cartridge has a civilian hs.