7.62x54R "REM-UMC 7.62m/m" altered


What is being created here? To the bottom is a regular 7.62x54R “SAT 24”.


Evidently a wildcat of some kind, I don’t know exactly. I think all it’s measurements would have to be taken to actually identify it.

Shoulder looks blown out for a start.

Once measurements are posted someone may be able to ID it.


Per Pete, I was hoping we would see some dimensions, My guess is that it is a wildcat probably originating in Finland, perhaps a 6.5 x 50R.


Hope this helps.


Exact bullet diameter will be useful here. Jack


I think it is either 6.5mm or 6.6mm


Vlad: Thanks. Jack


So this is a 6.5x46R wildcat based on the Moisin-Nagant case? Rifle probably has a M-N action. What is the most recent reference to wildcats?