7.62x54R "Remington -16-" early dummy

It looks like someone painted a dummy with gold and silver paint. I scratched the paint and it comes off. Any idea why painted? The projectile is hollow.


Could it have been a souvenir type item? The hollow base may have once held a pencil.

Actually, I thought about it and wanted to disturb the bottom of the primer well, but decided to show it first before irreversible action. The paint may be covering flash holes.

i think real dummy would be had a durable finish (such a black oxydation for example)
not a paint that can be easily worn

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I believe it is a real, genuine period dummy, but made perhaps the ‘easy’ way for a American Legion display or perhaps the factory as others are known with all the paint.
It’s one of those really early period dummies of which only a few are known.

Ammogun there are a number of uses for dummies function, display, packaging, sales, let’s show this to the boss, expedient & so forth. So a finish being durable or even considered in the construction is not necessarily a valid criteria, is some cases,
Vlad I wouldn’t give you junk.

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A-ha, it came from you? I have no recollection whatsoever, I just found a bag of ammo and started going through it. So I must NOT remove the paint and leave it as is?

YEP, & I was looking for a another variation for you but if your going to scrape the paint off…
Not to worry.

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No. I am leaving it as is. I thought I could find flash holes under paint. Now I know there are none.

Vlad, did you look inside the case?

I am trying, very difficult to see, it feels like there is something at the bottom.

To me it looks like the flash hole was filled in with some other material (before painting).

I am trying to feel the bottom with a small probe and I think I feel something in the centre of the bottom (on the inside). I’ll ask at work tomorrow, maybe they have a camera or some other way.

Maybe you have a flashlight to look inside?

If you use a probe, how thick is the case head as per it?

I’ll try at work tomorrow, there is a lot of specialized inspection machinery, maybe I’ll get help.

I got me an endoscope USB camera. It has a max diameter of 5.5mm (~.22" - it fits a fired .223 case neck) and has a 5m (~5 yard) cable.
And it was about 12 USD.
Of course it does not have star observatory quality at that price but it does the job and always gives a quick result. Think it can be connected to smart phones as well (did not try by now).

To me it became an invaluable tool.

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Vlad - do you have access to an otoscope? They are very helpful.

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I’ll get one, Alex is right, they are cheap, Walmart has it for $4.

I have two variations in my collection & both have blind primer pockets, Having being made from draw pieces.

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OK, I got my endoscope and took photos. But it does not tell me anything.
WIN_20200302_14_33_10_Pro WIN_20200302_14_36_19_Pro
But the endoscope seems to work otherwise. A word of advice, do NOT download any camera software, Windows already has it, just type “camera” in a small search space/window in the lower left of the screen and it will come up on the computer screen.

What I thought, they used some other material to close the flash channel.
This could be the reason why they have painted the case.

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