7.62x54R "Remington-16-" unusual projectile

Why did someone install a different projectile and a Winchester primer? It is side-by-side with another Remington 16 with a commercial projectile.

Vlad, do you have a top view of this projectile for us?


Vlad, I would have to think that this is either a reload, or a non-Remington load on a Remington new case (if NOT a reload), due to the mismatch of a Winchester primer on a Remington-made case.

This type of bullet, I think, is usually a gallery or short range load.


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It’s a reload of fired case for sure…do you see the expansion of the case few millimeters above the case head? (Caused by space between shellholder and sizing die).And the scratches from the sizing die? “Nice” try to make something unique… 😏

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Here are the original loadings for this stamp and case

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