7.62x54R "Remington 16" variations

How many more variations of this headstamp exist?

remington 16

Vlad there are also “17” and “-17-”.
Do you have variations of these too?

Your top left with the narrow font I see for the first time. Thank you for sharing!

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I took a quick look and did not find “Remington 17” but I found this…I am a very disorganized acquisitioner of ammo, so maybe I have Remington 17. I have learnt that getting stuff is simple but identifying, cataloguing and storing is very difficult.

Vlad, this one here is DWM in 1917. How is that Remington related?

Sorry, not related at all, besides the year, I just forgot I had it, thank you for making me look at my own headstamps, I saw some cool stuff. Unfortunately, I must go to sleep to get up to go to work so I can buy more ammo to keep me from sleeping. I’ll try to find those Remington 17’s. Guten nacht.

from sale 17
577 Headstamped ‘ REMINGTON 15 ‘, this 7.62x54R Russian has a flat copper primer, a rounded-head drawn brass case and a CN-jacketed bullet held by a taper crimp. We believe this is the first of Remingtons production. 1916 rounds are known with same tiny headstamp but thay are also known with the much larger size seen in later years production.

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Guess what, I went to Allentown and dug through a collection of a person by the name Ben Michel and found a Remington 17!!!