7,62x54R running deer

Here is a less known target load of the 7,62x54R cartridges:

According to a Russian page, this cartridge was used for a short period for the “running deer” competitions. Later it was superseded by the 6,5x54R round.

The bullet weight is around 6 g. To produce a longer projectile with this light weight the bullet construction is similar to MKVII British ctgs: there is an aluminium filler in the nose. Also note the “dot” crimps around the neck. Hstp is 188 over 58.

As far as I remember the muzzle velocity is around 1000 m/s, but thanks to the very light bullet, the recoil is light.

Neat box good information. Thanks!

Great information. thanks for posting it. I remember when the first Russian 5.6 x 39 cartridges made their appearance in the US. With a military-like headstamp, CWS case and FMJ bullet, they were touted as experimental Russian military rounds made to answer the 5.56x45 U.S. round. It was not until later that we all found out they actually were commercial Russian rounds for the “running deer” event in international target shooting. I used to have a box for that caliber, but it went the way of the wind, although I think I still have a few specimens of various of those cartridges laying around. I had never seen or heard of the 7.62 x 54R version, although they are not in my field, so I suppose that is not surprising.

Good stuff. I love stuff like this on this Forum.

Interesting! I too was unaware of this loading. Curious as to the box quantity of 25 rounds. Can you show a pic of the inside to show how this odd number was packed?


There are 26 segments, but they packed only 25 rounds originally…

25 round boxes are not uncommon in Russian packaging practice of 7,62x54R target loads.


Here is an other 25-round box:

And another one:

And a 20-round box:

This cartridge is loaded with a good quality “D” type lead core heavy bullet. With my Hungarian 1891/30 rifle once I could shoot a 18 cm diameter 10 shot group at 300 m distance with this ammo. (Never again since then.)

Great stuff! Thanks for showing!